Tour with dog sleigh is a wonderful experience. Speed along the snowy tracks pulled by 4-8 husky dogs and enjoy the unique Arctic landscape. Listen to the sound of sledges gliding across the snow, admire the strength of the amazing husky dogs.
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Husky safari in Levi, Lapland and Farm Visits

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Make it a trip to remember with dog sledding in Levi, Lapland

It is not every day you get to take transport powered by dogs. So why not experience the thrill of travelling with huskies through wintery forests and impressive landscapes deep in the heart of Lapland? If you can imagine yourself scooting across the glittering snow in a dog-powered sledge, Scandinavian Travel Group can make it happen.

Teamwork has never looked more fun. When huskies pull together, magic happens. We have organized a fun husky safari in Levi, Lapland, so you can experience the joy of spending time outside in the snow with these specially trained dogs. These free-spirited animals love to be at the heart of the action.

Scandinavian Travel Group offers you a range of husky safaris to make sure you get the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Independent adventurers can take simply the lead and go on a self-guided husky safari. Or you can opt to have your own personal dog sled driver, known as the “musher”. He stands discreetly at the back of the sleigh guiding the husky team to the most beautiful areas. This allows you an unobstructed view of the stunning Levi landscape while the huskies race on their way.

The tours usually begin with a visit to the kennels. This gives you a chance to meet all the animals including Siberian huskies and tundra wolves. Then it is time to jump in the sleigh with family or friends. Travelling through the ice and snow on a sledge pulled by an energetic team of huskies adds to the wonder of your winter escape.

5 Reasons To Love a Husky Safari In Levi, Lapland

  1. • Explore a winter wonderland the old-fashioned way pulled along by dogs in a sleigh.
  2. • Enjoy an immersive experience in the heart of the remote and remarkable landscape of Levi.
  3. • Get to know the dogs and their friendly personalities. They have bundles of energy and incredible stamina that makes them perfect for a snow safari.
  4. • Take a night safari and be in with a chance to see the spectacular Northern Lights.
  5. • A sledding experience is something for everyone, regardless of age or ability.

Huskies are beautiful animals with distinctive eye colours and friendly faces. Their thick, soft coats keep them warm in the sub-zero temperatures of Levi, so they have no problem being outside. This breed of dog has an outgoing personality and their alert, bright eyes express their intelligence. Their traits and personality make them perfect companions. They love spending time in the company of adults and children alike. Traditionally, these sled dogs were used for transporting goods. Their strength and stamina make them ideal animals for pulling sleds.

How to Book Dog Sledding in Levi, Lapland

This kind of outdoor activity is an exhilarating experience. You are close to nature and it gives you a chance to breathe in the clean, fresh Arctic air without leaving the comfort of the sleigh. You can book husky tours and activities directly from us. Simply book online or email us: and our travel agent will be in touch. Or call/WhatsApp/Viber  +358 400 514 530.

Scandinavian Travel Group also offers other tour options for those who would love a chance to see the Northern Lights. These include:

  • • Northern Lights Hunting by Car
  • • Night Snowmobile Safari
  • • Snowshoeing at Night to Hunt for Aurora
  • • Horse Riding After Dark
  • • Reindeer Safari at Night

Take a look around our website or contact us directly for more information about all our tours.


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