Sea Fishing
Sea and Fjord fishing in Norway. Not a single fisherman, even a beginner, is left without fish in Norway.
Sea Fishing
Sea and Fjord fishing in Norway. Not a single fisherman, even a beginner, is left without fish in Norway.
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Sea Fishing

Sea and fjord fishing in Norway

Sea Fishing special offers

Sea and fjord fishing in Norway

Sea Fishing

Not a single fisherman, even a beginner, is left without fish in Norway. Small sea fish weighing less than 1 kg are considered, the average weight fluctuates in the region of 4-10 kg, although, of course, the most successful anglers can often expect a trophy of 20-30 kg or more.

Sea fishing
Sea fishing is possible all year round, the coast and the fjords closest to the sea are never frozen, and a license is not required. You can catch fish anywhere in Norway, but the largest, trophy specimens are caught in the middle and northern parts of the country from Trondheim to Tromsø and Alta. The most comfortable weather conditions start here from the second half of April and continue until mid-October. In March-April, cod go down to the northern coast of Norway from Tromsø to Trondheim from a walk in the Barents Sea to spawn, during which time it is enough to simply catch large fish weighing 15-20 kg.
There is always a better chance of catching big fish from a boat than from the shore.
At depths from 30 to 200 m, cod, pollock, lure, brosme (average weight - 5 kg, length 80 cm), haddock (average weight 2 kg, length 40 cm), flounder, mackerel (average weight - 1 kg, length - 30 cm), and such fish as sea red perch (average weight - 2 kg, length 40 cm), molva or ling (mostly in southern and central Norway - average weight 10 kg, length 1.5 m), Monkfish and halibut prefer places deeper than 80 m. Biting is more active during high tide and within half an hour after low tide. By the way, the water rises by an average of 2.5 meters during high tide.

Fjord fishing
One of the types of sea fishing is fjord fishing. Unlike the open sea, the fjords are calmer, there are no strong winds and strong currents. Depths can reach 1000 m. As a rule, you can catch cod, pollock, haddock (average weight 3 kg, length 60 cm), mackerel (average weight 1 kg, length 30 cm), sea red perch (average weight 2 kg, length 40 cm ) and herring.

Regions of Norway and fishing

Southern Norway is a great combination of family and individual holidays with a visit to the capital, Oslo, sea fishing on the southern coast or freshwater fishing north of Oslo. Sea fishing cannot be called trophy here, but the pleasure received from it will be remembered for a long time. Fishing here is one of the types of activities, but not the purpose of the trip.

Fjords Region (Southwest Coast) - visit the most famous sights of Norway - the magnificent cities of Stavanger, Bergen and Alesund, the majestic Sognefjord, Hardangerfjord and Geirangerfjord, admire the glaciers and waterfalls, but do not forget about the sea fishing - here you will have a good catch, and the good weather in the south of the country will allow even children to go to sea.

Northern Norway (Troms, Finnmark, Bodo, Lofoten, Vesterålen) is a land of sometimes harsh nature, a land of Vikings and the mighty beauty of the north, a real male trophy fishing in the Atlantic. From here you will return with a really good and trophy catch, come here in the company of true connoisseurs of fishing, the beauty of the north, but be prepared for changeable and unstable weather, when a couple of days can be lost due to a storm (especially in March-April and October).

The Trondelag region (Central Norway) is a great combination of good weather in the south and decent fishing in the north of Norway. This region is beautiful with its hills, wide Trondheimfjord, skerries, in which a huge number of cozy fishing bases and villages are hidden. The capital of the region, the old capital of Norway, Trondheim, will be interesting for educational recreation, and sea fishing will bring a worthy catch, which will be the envy of the homeland.

Thus, the following pattern is visible - the further north you go to Norway, the more trophy fishing will be, but the weather will be more severe and less predictable; the farther south you go - the more famous sights, the weather is more stable, the nature is "hospitable", but fishing is easier.

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