Tour with dog sleigh is a wonderful experience. Speed along the snowy tracks pulled by 4-8 husky dogs and enjoy the unique Arctic landscape. Listen to the sound of sledges gliding across the snow, admire the strength of the amazing husky dogs.
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Levi (Lapland, Finland)

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If you are wondering where to go on a husky safari, dog sledding in Levi, Lapland is a great destination.


Levi is hugely popular with visitors thanks to its snow-sure ski resorts, welcoming restaurants, bars and an exciting range of outdoor activities. For example, you can harness up the huskies and go dog sledding. A husky safari in Levi, Lapland promises great fun for everyone.


Scandinavian Travel Group organises great tours where you can combine a husky safari with a visit to one of the dog farms if you want to spend more time with the friendly huskies and their owners.


Go on an unforgettable husky safari in Levi, Lapland

There are different tours available to make sure everyone can choose their best husky experience. Each program is typically around 2 hours long and this includes time spent at the dog farms. Here is an idea of what kind of tours are organized by the Scandinavian Travel Group.


  • • Husky park and musher-driven safari. Hand over the husky reins to an experienced musher who will introduce you to the fun of dog sledding in Levi, Lapland.
  • • Husky kennel and self-guided safari, 10km. This tour takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes and lets you experience what it is like to take the reins of your own sled.
  • • Into the night husky safari musher-driven, 5km. If you simply want to sit back and relax while enjoying a husky safari in Levi, Lapland, this is the tour for you. It takes place at night to maximise your chances of seeing the incredible Northern Lights.
  • • Polar Express husky and reindeer adventure in Levi. Experience two incredible adventures in one tour! You get to experience the thrill of a fast-paced husky ride followed by a more leisurely pace on a reindeer ride.


Five fun facts about huskies


  • 1. Huskies have great metabolism and stamina. This enables them to race for miles and miles without getting tired. This endless energy and enthusiasm make them perfect for dog sledding in Levi, Lapland.
  • 2. The indigenous people of Siberia bred huskies as sled dogs over three thousand years ago. These animals were trained to pull light loads of supplies across the snow-covered country.
  • 3. Huskies are happy dogs with friendly personalities. They love to be around people, which makes them perfectly suited for a husky safari in Levi, Lapland.
  • 4. They are smart animals. Huskies are often praised for being intelligent and obedient animals. If you go on a self-drive husky safari in Levi, Lapland, you’ll see how carefully they listen to your commands.
  • 5. Hear them howl! Huskies share similarities with wolves and this includes a distinctive howl as a means of communication.


How to Book Dog Sledding in Levi, Lapland

Levi always tempts visitors to stay a little longer because there is so much to do. One of the most popular activities is a husky safari in Levi, Lapland. These friendly dogs have incredible energy and the snow is their playground. You can book husky tours and activities directly from us. Simply book online or email us: and our travel agent will help you organise all the detail. Or call/WhatsApp/Viber  +358 400 514 530. We’d love to hear from you.


Scandinavian Travel Group also offers other tour options. Enquire about reindeer safaris, Northern Lights tours, snowmobile safaris and so much more. You will never run out of things to do in Levi. 

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