Reindeer are semi-domesticated animals and even though they are used to living next to people, they are quite shy.
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Reindeer Ride in Levi, Lapland

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Going on a reindeer safari in Levi, Lapland, is as magical as it sounds.

Most of us are familiar with reindeers from stories in books or watching movies about Santa Claus and his faithful companions. Now it is possible to be a part of the adventure with these beautiful creatures. Scandinavian Travel Group brings you an exciting range of tours if you are keen to book a reindeer ride. This kind of tour is one of the popular must-do activities in Lapland, see below.

5 Must-Do Activities in Lapland

  1. • Travel through the Arctic wilderness on a safari.
  2. • Watch the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) transform the night into a natural theatrical light show.
  3. • Go husky dog sledding.
  4. • Visit Santa Claus Village where the magic happens.
  5. • Learn how to build a proper snow igloo.

If you want to tick one of these activities off this list, a safari in Levi, Lapland is the perfect way to start. Meeting and spending time with the reindeer is an important part of the experience. It gives you a chance to get a little closer to these animals and get a sense of their gentle nature.

These animals might look larger than life with their majestic antlers but they are not overly confident around people. However, they never say no to a snack. At the reindeer farm, you can feed them lichen, which is an earthy mix of algae and fungus. Don’t worry, you are allowed a sweeter treat. The tour guide has freshly baked buns for you!

After you’ve fed the reindeer, the fun begins. Despite myths and legends, reindeer are impressive animals but, no, they don’t fly. However, they do know how to travel in style. Once you jump on board the reindeer sled and pull a warm blanket over your knees, it is time to experience the snow-glittered landscape.

If you choose our Super Reindeer Safari, you will experience a 50 minute sled ride to remember. These antlered animals can pull Santa’s sleigh laden with gifts, so they will have no problem taking you on a journey through a snow-covered forest and the surrounding areas of Levi.

A reindeer safari also includes plenty of photo opportunities. It is not every day you get to take a selfie with a large antlered friend. This kind of tour is not confined to daylight hours either. How about seeing the Northern Lights? Aurora Hunting on a Safari is another one of those must-do trips when you visit Lapland.

How to Book Your Reindeer Ride in Levi, Lapland.

We have made it super easy for you to arrange your reindeer safari. Simply book online or email us: and our travel agent will be in touch. Or call/WhatsApp/Viber  +358 400 514 530.

Don’t forget, we have other tours that we think you’ll love. Scandinavian Travel Group can arrange different ways for you to see the Northern Lights if the moment is right. Snowshoeing at night, snowmobile adventures or a husky safari after dark are just some of the other options available. Get in touch with our friendly team of travel operators to find out more.

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