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A great way to experience Lapland’s wintry wildernesses and really get in touch with its finest asset, enjoy the fresh and clean air and get some exercise
Tour with dog sleigh is a wonderful experience. Speed along the snowy tracks pulled by 4-8 husky dogs and enjoy the unique Arctic landscape. Listen to the sound of sledges gliding across the snow, admire the strength of the amazing husky dogs.
Northern Lights
Aurora borealis begins high in the Earth’s atmosphere, at altitudes 100-400 km, when charged particles from the Sun become trapped in the Earth's magnetic field. In Northern Lapland the lights shine about every other clear night between September and March.
Santa Claus
Santa’s official office, situated on the mysterious Arctic Circle, is open to each and everyone.
Local Lappish people claim that snowmobiling is the best way to see the beauties of the Arctic region. You will enjoy the beautiful wintery scenery whilst driving through the local forests, where opportunities for photos are abundant during short stops we make.
Reindeer are semi-domesticated animals and even though they are used to living next to people, they are quite shy.
The official hometown of Santa Claus. The Capital of Lapland on Arctic circle. Rovaniemi also is an urban city surrounded by arctic nature, where Lappish culture and a wide range of activities meet.
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Levi STG


Facts about Levi

    • Airport: Kittila (KTT) 14 km
    • Arctic Circle: 170 km
    • Helsinki: 998 km
    • January average temperature: -14 C°
    • Snow season: November – May
    • 325 m vertical drop
    • 43 slopes, 27 lifts
    • + South Park, Alpine Training Park, Freeride Area, Kid's Land
    • Snowmobile tracks: 886 km
    • Cross-country ski trails: 230 km
    • 7 hotels, 6 apartment hotels
    • >2500 apartments/chalets
    • 60 restaurants and cafes
  • About Levi
  • Arrival at Levi
  • Why Levi
  • Seasons in Levi
  • Ski & Snowboard
  • Restaurants
  • Levi Spa
  • Levi is the biggest ski resort in Finland with the pistes available for downhill skiers and snowboarders, beginners or advanced skiers as well as children. The resort is located 170 km north from Rovaniemi and Arctic Circle.
    A wide range of activities to take advantage of the long days and midnight sun up until the day gets shorter and the Northern lights start showing again!

    Whether your idea of heaven is blasting down a slope, hiking a vast Arctic forest under the Midnight Sun, or melting into a hot tub, Levi offers the excitement and the comforts you need for a truly relaxing, memorable and fun holiday amidst Lapland’s beautiful wilderness.

    Levi, the year-round activity resort and the biggest ski resort in Finland is located in the Fell Lapland, in the middle of pure nature and large wilderness areas. Levi Fell village is actually a small holiday town, which offers a wide range of first-rate services to its guests.

    In recent years its infrastructure has been developed to an enviably high standard with an impressive range of accommodation and a wide choice of excellent restaurants and cozy bars.
    This pristine winter wonderland of snow-sculpted forests and glistening frozen lakes offers an extensive choice of activities including exhilarating husky, reindeer and snowmobile safaris. Skiing amidst the silence of the fells in a mystical blue twilight with rose-colored dawns and dusks will leave you with indelible memories.

    Explore the options and book your holiday.

    1. FLY TO LEVI
    Levi’s beauty can be seen in all its glory from the air. The gorgeous fells and the feeling of open space frame the start of your holiday while coming in to land at Levi. As the scenery grows stunning, you know you’ve arrived.
    Levi is one of the easiest destinations for air travel. Kittilä airport is just 14 kilometers away. The airport bus, or taxi will drive you to Levi center or the place you’re staying. While you need to wait for the scheduled bus or taxi coming to the airport, Scandinavian Travel Group advises to book your private transportation in advance. Our driver will meet you at the arrival hall, help with your luggage and drive you directly to your destination safe and comfortably. Our fleet varies from standard sedan cars to luxury minivans, bigger coaches for large parties are also available.

    Finnair flies daily from Helsinki to Kittilä all year round. In the high season there are several flights each day.
    Finnair also flies to Rovaniemi from Helsinki, which is about 170 kilometers from Levi. It is one of the option to fly to Rovaniemi and then come to Levi by scheduled bus or private transfer.

    During the winter season Finnair flies directly from different European cities starting from December.
    During Christmas and New Year weeks charter flights come to Levi from Europe, Russia and Ukraine.

    Levi is also conveniently accessible by train. The most common train route starts in Helsinki. Travelling by train makes even the trip a part of your relaxing holiday. Those wanting to travel can easily take advantage of the night train from Helsinki to Kolari or Rovaniemi. Driving your car onto the train allows you to continue your journey smoothly once you arrive in Lapland.
    The closest railway station to Levi is at Kolari. The options increase when taking the train to Rovaniemi. The distance from Kolari to Levi is only 80 km and approximately 170 km from Rovaniemi.
    There is also a bus connection to Levi after each train arrival. There are also good bus connections from Rovaniemi to Levi.
    It is also a good idea to combine train trip to Levi via Rovaniemi with a visit to Santa Claus Official Village on Arctic Circle nearby Rovaniemi. We would recommend you to order a private transportation and a guide this way.

    Those who appreciate their time and easy travel take a bus to Levi. As a bonus, you can enjoy the diverse Finnish landscape along the route.
    During the winter season you can enjoy easy bus travel using e.g. Onnibus. The Helsinki-Lahti-Jyväskylä-Oulu-Rovaniemi route is fast, with a professional driver taking care of the driving.

    Levi is an easily accessible destination by car. When driving, you can schedule your travel and decide on pleasant places to stop at.
    The roads of Lapland are popular with car travellers, and you will certainly admire the surrounding landscapes of Lapland on the way. The central location of Levi in Northern Lapland also makes it a popular base for exploring the surrounding area by car.

    Distances to Levi:
    Rovaniemi 170 km, Tornio 270 km, Oulu 370 km, Kajaani 500 km, Kuopio 670 km, Vaasa 690 km, Jyväskylä 710 km, Joensuu 720 km, Tampere 850 km, Lahti 880 km, Helsinki 998 km, Turku 990 km.
  • Levi is the biggest ski resort in Finland with the pistes available for downhill skiers and snowboarders, beginners or advanced skiers as well as children. The resort is located 170 km north from Rovaniemi and Arctic Circle.
    A wide range of activities to take advantage of the long days and midnight sun up until the day gets shorter and the Northern lights start showing again!
  • Eight Seasons

    Four seasons did not suffice for Laplanders and the Sami people in the olden days. Instead, they structured time into eight periods: autumn-winter, winter, spring-winter, spring, spring-summer, summer, summer-autumn and autumn.

    The four main seasons were supplemented in this way by four “half-seasons”. The warm, moonlit nights of August belong to summer; however, August comes with a hint of autumn’s crispness and its piercing, melancholic light. It only takes a couple of cold, frosty nights, and the autumn-summer turns into autumn. When leaves begin to fall and lakes become covered with fog and ice at night, autumn has arrived in full force, though it is not quite yet autumn-winter.

    Pakkastalvi (“frosty winter”’) is the first season of the year. The New Year festivities have come to an end, and it is dark, cold and quiet until March or April when, soon after the Lental Season, hankikanto (“the spring of crusted snow”) arrives. The amount of light increases significantly, even though it is still dark and cold at night.

    With increased light, everything in nature begins to awake. At the first sign of spring, jäidenlähtökevät (literally “ice break-up”) begins: snow still covers the ground, but the first plants begin to appear, and reindeer give birth to calves. The first stoneflies begin to crawl on the snow near the waterfront.

    Once the sun no longer sets, the “light green summer” (keskiyönauringon aika), or the time of the midnight sun, begins. With 24 hours of daylight, the entire ecosystem lives in ecstasy.

    The “harvest time” (sadonkorjuunaika) begins when the willow herb blossoms, and days begin to get shorter.

    This is followed by ruska or “colourful autumn” when the fiery autumn colors remind us that soon the ground will be covered by ice and snow again.

    And then... the “first snow” (mustalumi) arrives, only to melt during the first days of mild weather. The frost that follows this period of “black snow” will freeze the ground.

    The last season, ending the yearly cycle, is Christmas (joulukaamos), a period of constant darkness. The long polar nights are followed by the greatest celebration of the year: Christmas - a celebration of rebirth, light and letting go of the old.

    There were valid reasons for dividing time into eight distinctive seasons. By predicting weather and carrying out seasonal tasks according to the weather signs, the northern way of life gave birth to the northern state of mind: a mentality which imitates nature. Nature is in a constant state of change, simultaneously in the present season while on the way to the next. This is also true of humans: we are constantly in a state of flux; always moving on and preparing for tomorrow.

    The structures and institutions of society may change, but mentalities, moulded by nature, remain practically unchanged through generations. In this way, the eight seasons have also remained. In a number of ways, they still influence the things we do, what we feel and how we think, all the time. The eight seasons give a rhythm to this website as well. The pictures on the site and its colors also change according to the seasons.
  • Levi is the biggest ski resort in Finland with the pistes available for downhill skiers and snowboarders, beginners or advanced skiers as well as children. Levi offers it all, from wide family runs with lots of space to carve your tracks, to challenging steep pistes which whet the appetite of more accomplished and even expert skiers like World Cup alpine racers.

    Ski season: November to May


    (указана максимальная протяженность):
    • Центральные склоны: 700-900м (подъемники N, 2, 3)
    • Западные склоны: 1,5 км (подъемники 13, 14 - здесь расположен SnowPark и «G»- Гондола, который используется во время Кубка Мира по Слалому в ноябре
    • Восточные склоны: 1,4 км (подъемники 5, 6) – самые длинные склоны среднего уровня сложности (красные) на курорте Леви
    • Южные склоны: 2,1 км в р-не подъемников 8, 9 – самый длинный склон на курорте (южный), очень популярен у начинающих и детей.
      В 2015 году на этих склонах открылся новый кресельный подъемник, самый длинный в Финляндии – 1,7 км, с подогреваемыми сиденьями и пластиковым капюшоном от ветра


    • Расстояние от центра до подъёмников 100-300 м
    • Максимальный уровень снежного покрова – до 3 м
    • Максимальная длина склона – 5,8 км (трансферный склон от пика горы до центральных склонов)
    • Максимальный перепад высот – 325 м
    • Относительная высота над уровнем моря – 531 м
    Трасс – 43:

    • Черных трасс – 3
    • Красных трасс – 22
    • Синих трасс – 17
    • Cтыковочная трасса между южными и северными склонами – 1
    • Трасс с искусств. снегом – 16
    • Освещенных трасс – 15
    Подъемников – 27:

    • 2 подъемника гондола
    • 2 кресельных подъемника (6 чел.)
    • остальные бугельные подъемники
    • Детские подъемники и склоны – 10
    А также:

    • Superpipe – 1, Halfpipe – 1, Street – 2, Snowpark – 1
    • Пункты проката снаряжения – 6
    • Детский городок – 1
    • Рестораны и кафе на склонах – 9


    • Длина оборудованных трасс – 230 км
    • Длина освещенных трасс –28 км
    • Длина трассы с искусственным снегом – 9 км
    • Кафе на трассах – 17


    • Длина оборудованных трасс – 886 км


    Easy slopes for juniors, Kids' Land and Leevilandia, ski school for kids, yummy food and new friends. It all begins here!

    Levi ranks among the best family skiing destinations in Finland. For the junior skiers, Levi sports a total of 10 children's slopes and their own South Park Junior terrain park, two children's play areas Kids' Land and Leevilandia, as well as lots of guided activities. Levi Ski School provides a safe and easy start for children to try out winter sports. 

    At Kids' Land by the Front Slopes, the smallest visitors get our full attention. Our free weekly programme, specifically designed for children, offers fun activities for each day of the week. Luckily there is no age limit, so parents and older kids can also join in. In case you get cold, have a warm juice in the Lappish “kota” teepee in Kids Land. If you like, you can bring sausages to grill over the fire in the atmospheric hut. The sledging hills at Levi have been rated top-quality – so check them out too! Also day care for the youngest one is offered by Tenavatokka.

    New playground for kids is Leevilandia at the South Slopes, next to the South Point building. Leevilandia has a covered carpet lift and a traditional pome lift. Also a fire place for grilling sausages is available. Free weekly activity program is offered daily. Muksutupa is the indoor day care place for smaller children.


    The Ski Busses transfer between the main slopes and the major accommodation areas. There are two routes which connect at the Zero Point building at the foot of the Front Slopes.

    Price from: 3 €/day. Area ticket which requires a valid ski lift pass and is sold only at ski pass offices. Children under 6 years travel for free with adults.


    World Cup Levi is an alpine season start together with the world's best slalom skiers. 21.11.2020 at 11:00 a.m. Levi Black slope turns into the heart of the racing.

    At the same time Levi fills up with Lappish exotic side events and you can merely touch the buzz of the racing world.

    Finland, Lapland and World Cup Levi have gathered together a great amount of international spectators via various channels. Last year the event reached 250 830 000 spectators and this year the odds are even higher. Levi is ready to produce top scale TV production around alpine skiing, exiting race events and snowy Lapland.

    Levi World Cup and FIS are considering this year's game plan. The opening race of the World Cup for slalom, Levi World Cup, is scheduled on 21th to 22.11.2020. The Organizing Committee of the Event is preparing for special arrangements, which the International Ski Federation FIS is currently pondering for both Levi's event and the entire Alpine ski tour.

    The great racing conditions of Levi are once again guaranteed with a large amount of storage snow and the training season on the front slopes will be opened already on 2.10.2020. There are about 150 cubic meters of snow under the covers waiting for colder weather and to be spreaded to the slopes. This is the fourth winter when Levi Ski Resort stores snow on front slopes together with Levi Black racing slope. So again this year, excellent skiing conditions in Levi winter wonderland are guaranteed.
  • Whether you feel like fast food or enjoying a delicious dinner, Levi has plenty of restaurants to choose from. Find the most convenient choice for you and your friends. Everything is within close reach, situated next to Levi's slopes.

    We can recommend following cafes and restaurants during your stay in Levi.



    Saamen Kammi, Kammi, Myllyn Aija, Valkea Vaadin, Riihi, Sammuntupa, NiliPoro



    KingCrab House, Kiisa, Ahku, Ammila, Wanha Hullu Poro, Steak House (Pihvipirtti), Tuikku Panorama, Narran, Stefan’s Steakhouse, Gastro K



    Restaurant Utsu, Kekäle Bar & Grill, Bistro K5, Sapuška, Spiella Café & Restaurant






    Ristorante Renna (Italian), Asia (Oriental), Northern Cowboy (Mexican)



    Burger King, Café & Bar Kota, Café Zero, Colorado Bar & Grill, Kafet, Subway, Coffee House & Bar, Meidän Kebab & Pizza



    Classic Pizza, Draivi, Kotipizza



    Ihku, Hölmölä, Messi, V’inkkari, Joiku, Levin Panimo & Pub, Public House Sohva, British Pub Old Mates, Bar Alakerta

  • An atmospheric spa water world in the middle of the fells. You will certainly feel relaxed in this environment; you can sit in the outdoor jacuzzis in a heavy snowfall, or in the sunshine listening to birds chirping happily. Extraordinary. The spa offers something for everyone! Water slides for those who enjoy speed, swimming pools for fitness enthusiasts, water creatures for children and their wild adventures, and jacuzzis for those who just want to relax. Coming here is not just another visit to the spa, it is an experience.

    • Main pool with water slide
    • Indoor and outdoor jaccuzzis
    • Outdoor pool
    • Aqua jogging pool
    • Hot pool
    • Cold pool
    • Walking pool
    • 2 children’s pools
    • 20 x 10 m fitness pool
    • Finnish sauna, log sauna and steam room

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