A great way to experience Lapland’s wintry wildernesses and really get in touch with its finest asset, enjoy the fresh and clean air and get some exercise
A great way to experience Lapland’s wintry wildernesses and really get in touch with its finest asset, enjoy the fresh and clean air and get some exercise
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Levi (Lapland, Finland)

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It is time to pull on a pair of snowshoes in Levi Lapland because there are mountains and trails to discover.


Snowshoeing is a great opportunity to take a peaceful hike across the winter landscape. You can enjoy fresh air and exercise while participating in a winter sport that is enjoyed at a more leisurely pace than skiing or snowboarding. The Scandinavian Travel Group has various tours to give you some of the best snowshoeing in Levi Lapland.


  • 1. Snowshoeing for beginners. This is a great tour to ease you into the experience of snowshoeing. You’ll trek alongside the Levi fell on a winter track that is suitable for people putting on snowshoes for the first time.
  • 2. Night snowshoeing hunting for aurora. How about some snowshoeing after dark? Take a hike into the night on snowshoes. Our guide knows the best spot away from artificial light pollution. If you’re lucky, there is every chance that you might see the Northern Lights.
  • 3. Instagram snowshoeing to Santa’s cabin. It will come as no surprise that is one of our bestselling tours snowshoeing in Levi Lapland. Snowshoe up to the cabin and discover this charming snow-covered cabin that was built for the Finnish movie “Joulutarina” (“Christmas story”) as a workshop and house of Santa Claus. 
  • 4. Panoramic snowshoeing on Levi mountain top. Snowshoeing is a wonderful way to take in the surrounding sights of a winter scene. It doesn’t get much more beautiful than the top of Levi mountain.


Facts about snowshoes

  • • The oversized shape of the snowshoe is designed to support your weight more evenly when you walk on deep snow. Instead of sinking as you would in ordinary footwear, the snowshoe offers better flotation.
  • • Snowshoes are available in different shapes and sizes. The larger shapes are good for deeper snow. Your weight has to be taken into consideration too when choosing the best snowshoe.
  • • Snowshoe bindings secure your foot in place so you don’t have to worry about your snowshoes falling off when you go snowshoeing in Levi Lapland.
  • • The latest snowshoes are designed to work with the movement of your foot. Some models have spring-loaded suspension to help create a more natural walking experience.


4 tips before you go snowshoeing in Levi Lapland

Take advantage of the tours offered by the Scandinavian Travel Group. We ensure safe and enjoyable excursions to some of the most scenic spots in Levi Lapland. Here are our top tips:


  • 1. If you are snowshoeing in Levi Lapland without an official guide, always check the forecast and plan your route.
  • 2. Take snacks and drinks with you because snowshoeing is a physical activity that can leave you thirsty and tired, especially on the more challenging trails. 
  • 3. Charge your cellphone before you set off snowshoeing. The emergency number in Finland is 112.  
  • 4. Thermal layers are recommended. It is important to keep warm in Arctic conditions. Dressing in layers makes it easier to maintain a comfortable temperature. Simply shed a layer if you get too warm on the hike.


Book snowshoeing in Levi, Lapland

If you love the sound of snowshoeing, book now. This can easily be done online. Alternatively, email us: and our travel agent will take care of your booking requirements. If you prefer to chat with someone in person, call/WhatsApp/Viber  +358 400 514 530.


Scandinavian Travel Group also has other tours to make sure you enjoy your time in Lapland. Ask our tour operators about the following adventures.


  • • Tours to see the Northern Lights
  • • Fun husky safaris
  • • Go horse riding after dark to chase the Northern Lights
  • • A reindeer safari at night to see the aurora borealis


Look around our website if you need any help planning your winter holiday in Lapland or contact us directly for more details or if you have any questions about our tours.



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