Local Lappish people claim that snowmobiling is the best way to see the beauties of the Arctic region. You will enjoy the beautiful wintery scenery whilst driving through the local forests, where opportunities for photos are abundant during short stops we make.
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Levi (Finland, Lapland)

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Grab your helmet and go on a snowmobile safari in Levi, Lapland. Riding in deep snow has never been more fun.


You can cover a lot of snow-covered ground in a short space of time thanks to the snowmobiles in Levi, Lapland. Experienced riders and beginners can have enormous amounts of fun on these vehicles that are specifically designed for driving over thick snow and frosty winter landscapes. Those who don’t want to drive a snowscooter on their own can ride as a passenger if their minimum height is 120cm.


You may also have heard these tours referred to as a ski doo safari in Levi, Lapland. Ski-Doo is the brand name of snowmobiles. The open design of the vehicle adds to the freedom of exploration as you take to the trails and open terrain of Lapland. The ski sinking in drifts or stalling.


You can book a snowmobile safari in Levi, Lapland with the Scandinavian Travel Group who have a range of exciting programs available. Some of the tours are as follows:


  • • Snowmobile safari Lappish Circle. Levi. This is one of our most popular tours that takes you on a snowmobile adventure to the most beautiful forests and lakes in the Levi area. There is almost 1000km of marked snowmobile trails to explore. Are you ready for fun?
  • • Night snowmobile safari in Levi, Lapland. Go in search of the Northern Lights on a snowmobile safari that takes you away from the light pollution to increase your chances of seeing the lights.
  • • Family snowmobile safari in Levi. The little ones can join in the fast-paced fun on this family-friendly excursion. The kids also get a chance to drive a mini-snowmobile under the careful supervision of a guide.
  • • Snowmobile safari “adrenalin” in Levi. As the name of the tour suggests, this experience gets the adrenalin going. Experienced snowmobile drivers can explore Levi Fell and the surrounding area.


There is also snowmobile rental where you can spend a day exploring the white wilderness around Levi. However, with so much bright white snowy landscape it is easy to get lost. If it is your first time driving snowmobiles in Levi, Lapland, or you are unsure of where you are going, booking an organised safari is a good decision.


5 facts about snowmobiles


  • 1. Joseph-Armand Bombardier is credited for inventing the snowmobile in 1935. He called it the Ski-Dog as it was a motorized replacement of the traditional dogsled used by hunters.  
  • 2. An accidental misspelling on the vehicle prototype turned the name “Ski-Dog” into “Ski-Doo”. The name stuck and the Ski-Doo is now one of the popular snowmobile brands in the world. A Ski-Doo safari in Lapland is always in popular demand with visitors to the area. 
  • 3. You need to have a valid driver’s license to drive a snowmobile (categories B, C, T or A1).
  • 4. Snowmobile speed can range from 70mph to 120mph. However, the high-performance models used for racing can reach speeds of 150mph or more.
  • 5. The world record for the fastest modified/prototype snowmobile is 277.13km/h (172.2 mph) achieved by Chris Hanson in Ontario, Canada in 2004.


Rent snowscooters in Levi, Lapland, or book a snowmobile safari

It is easy to book the best snowmobile experience when you get in touch with the Scandinavian Travel Group. It can be done as follows:


  • • Book your snowmobile safari online.
  • • Email us:
  • • Call/WhatsApp/Viber  +358 400 514 530.


Don’t forget to ask our friendly travel agents about the other tours we do if you are planning an unforgettable adventure in Lapland.


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