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A great way to experience Lapland’s wintry wildernesses and really get in touch with its finest asset, enjoy the fresh and clean air and get some exercise
Tour with dog sleigh is a wonderful experience. Speed along the snowy tracks pulled by 4-8 husky dogs and enjoy the unique Arctic landscape. Listen to the sound of sledges gliding across the snow, admire the strength of the amazing husky dogs.
Northern Lights
Aurora borealis begins high in the Earth’s atmosphere, at altitudes 100-400 km, when charged particles from the Sun become trapped in the Earth's magnetic field. In Northern Lapland the lights shine about every other clear night between September and March.
Santa Claus
Santa’s official office, situated on the mysterious Arctic Circle, is open to each and everyone.
Local Lappish people claim that snowmobiling is the best way to see the beauties of the Arctic region. You will enjoy the beautiful wintery scenery whilst driving through the local forests, where opportunities for photos are abundant during short stops we make.
Reindeer are semi-domesticated animals and even though they are used to living next to people, they are quite shy.
The official hometown of Santa Claus. The Capital of Lapland on Arctic circle. Rovaniemi also is an urban city surrounded by arctic nature, where Lappish culture and a wide range of activities meet.
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RIB gastronomy tour "From fjords to islets", Bergen

  • 4 hours
  • Easy
  • Morning,Daytime
  • 6+
  • Private
  • Bergen
  • Description
  • Meeting points
  • The adventure will start by us picking you up by boat from the centre of Bergen, and cruising towards our scenic archipelago in the outskirt of the city. 

    During the cruise you will experience a scenic fjord safari which will take you between islets and reefs. Our final destination will be one of our carefully chosen coves or islets in breathtaking surroundings. Here we will make a bonfire where we will prepare a gastronomic meal. We will bring with us fresh produce and delicacies of the finest quality, such as scallops, clams and crabs. The dishes and produce will vary, but we always serve grilled scallops and our signature shellfish soup. As part of the experience of “fjord cuisines” we will search for periwinkles, shells and seaweed by the shore which we will use as ingredients in the various dishes. 

    We will prepare various dishes, such as seaweed crisps, an Asian inspired crab dish and a ceviche of scallops. One of our signature dishes is the popular seashell soup. We will adapt the menu based on the participants and the produce available.

    Our mission is to teach you how to prepare food in the wild, and what you can make with the ingredients available at hand. We look forward to delivering an unforgettable experience and undoubtedly an eye-opening and unique tasting experience. Depending on the weather conditions there is the possibility of retreating to a cosy and authentic Norwegian boathouse.

    The vessel that is used is a Stingray RIB. It is 26 feet and has an outboard engine with 250 hp. The boat is designed to withstand rough weather conditions and waves. The vessel is equipped with comfortable and secure seating, creating a safe and pleasant journey. The RIB is a low open vessel providing a unique experience of being close to the sea.

    What's included

    • 1 hour fjord safari with private English speaking guide
    • Several dishes of seafood (or local food), freshly baked bread
    • Two glasses of drink
    • Fleece lined flotation suits, protective eye goggles (feel free to bring your own sunglasses), lifejackets and all other necessary safety equipment

    Important remarks

    Remember that it is often colder at sea than you think. It is therefore advised that you bring a few extra layers of wool even though it is midsummer. During the winter months it is crucial that you wear outdoor clothing, fleece lined boots, multiple layers of wool (from head to toe!), gloves and a beanie or something to cover your ears.

    • For safety reasons people who are under the influence will not be allowed to participate.
    • It is of vital importance that we are informed about health conditions and allergies in those cases where we need to adapt the tours accordingly.
    • If your bring personal belongings this it at your own risk. We will provide each passengers with a small waterproof dry bag.
    • With regard to health and safety legislation we have to return to Bergen before dark.

    Cancellation Policy

    • Vågen port Bergen

      NO ,Bergen,Torget 2

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