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Family activities in Rovaniemi 5 days, private, advanced

  • 5 days
  • Easy
  • Full day
  • 4+
  • Private
  • Rovaniemi
  • Description
  • Itinerary
  • Meeting points
  • Pick-up
  • Planning trip to Rovaniemi in Lapland and don't know how to set different activities thru your days? Have a look at this idea - we have planned this for your already. 

    This is the set of 7 activities for families with kids. Tours are moderate active and suitable for kids. All tours are private and are of a advanced level of pricing. See more details and descriptions in Itinerary.

    Following activities included:

    • Excursion to Santa Claus Village with VIP-visit to Santa Claus office
    • Visit to reindeer farm and reindeer safari 30 min with salmon soup lunch
    • Visit to Arctic Snow Hotel & Castle with dinner in Ice restaurant
    • Visit to husky kennel and selfguided safari 5 km
    • Family snowmobile safari
    • Northern Lights check by car
    • Trip to Arctic Zoo Ranua with lunch

    What's included

    • Round transportation from/to Rovaniemi airport on standard car (1-3 persons) or minivan (4-7 persons)
    • Activities and service listed at the itinerary

    Not included

    • Accommodation
    • Meet & Greet at Rovaniemi airport (bookable on next step)
    • Greeting by an elf at the airport, elf accompanying on a transfer, warm welcome drink - non-alcoholic berry juice (bookable on next step)
    • Warm winter clothing rental (bookable on next step)
    • Child seat / Booster (bookable on next step)
    • Meals except included to the activities
    • Travel expenses to Finland

    Important remarks

    Please ask us for a separate quotation if your family size is not given or you need to modify the program

    Cancellation Policy

    • We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 1 days or less before the event
    • We will charge a cancellation fee of 50% if booking is cancelled 4 days or less before the event
    • We will charge a cancellation fee of 10% if booking is cancelled 90 days or less before the event
  • Santa's Hotel Santa Claus

    FI,Rovaniemi,Korkalonkatu 29

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  • Day 1

    Arrival to Rovaniemi airport. 

    Optional service at the airport:

    • Meet & greet by a guide
    • Greeting by an elf at the airport with warm welcome drink (non-alcoholic berry juice) and elf accompanying on a transfer

    Transfer to the hotel.


    After a short 10-minute transfer you will arrive to the Santa Claus Village.

    First, our guide will give you a short presentation of the Village. You will learn a bit of its history, which started with the first celebrity visitor in 1950. You will cross the official Arctic Circle line on your way to the entrance door to the Santa Claus office and receive your personal Diploma for crossing the Arctic Circle. 

    To meet Santa in his office, you will have to pass along the Magic Path. Meeting Santa Claus is a dream-come-true for most of the visitors of Lapland, and in high season there can be a long queue to his office, but on our excursion, we will use a pre-booked slot, which might shorten the waiting time. Finally, you will have a meeting with Santa - the biggest attraction in Lapland, you will also visit the Official Santa Claus Post office, which receives thousands of letters from children and adults from all over the world. Here you can send a postcard to your friends and family with the official Santa Post Office stamp and order a letter from Santa to your beloved ones for the next Christmas. Here we will have some free time, you can visit numerous Finnish design and souvenir shops in the village or grab a bite to eat or drink. 

    Private VIP-visit to Santa Claus office (no queuing).
    If you wish to have personal service with flexible timetable and jump the queue, we offer a VIP private meeting with Santa in his office (20 min) which includes personal elf, felted Santa's Elf cap for everyone, all the photos taken by photographer elf as well as the visiting video in digital format (web download package), 1 printed photo with Santa A4 size per group/family, bottled water.  


    • Guiding
    • Private VIP-visit to Santa Claus office
    • Personal Diploma of crossing the Arctic Circle

    Not included:

    • Meals, drinks
    • Photos & videos with Santa Claus in his office (except for VIP visit option – see details below)
    • Warm winter clothing

    Day 2


    For this excursion we are using 2 reindeer farms, located within 15-20 min drive from Rovaniemi city center. Both places have been traditionally owned by Lappish families who have been practicing reindeer husbandry for at least six generations. One lies on the bank of a river, another one on a lake, both are surrounded by taiga forest.
    From the early morning the reindeer herder starts to prepare for the safari - harnesses the reindeer and sleds, puts out extra warm reindeer skins for the passengers, makes fresh tea and coffee, and bakes fresh sweet buns.
    You will go on a 30 min safari on reindeer sleighs through the beautiful winter forest at a relaxed pace.
    After the ride you will be able to take pictures with the reindeers and feed them with their favorite food – reindeer lichen – a fascinating symbiotic blend of fungus and algae that grows within the arctic circle, the reindeer eat it as if it’s candy!
    After that, make your way to a warm cafe with an open fireplace for a cup of hot tea or coffee and a home-made pastry we think tastes especially good. 


    • Guiding
    • Hot drink (berry juice/coffee/tea)
    • Home-made pastry/cookies
    • Salmon soup with bread/butter

    Not included:

    • Warm winter clothing 


    After taking a 25-minute transfer, you arrive to Arctic Snow Hotel & Castle. Before dinner, the guide will tell you about the construction, operation and special features of the SnowHotel during the memorable guided tour through beautiful rooms of the hotel and Arctic specialties, such as the Snow Sauna. At the end of the tour, there is a possibility to buy a drink served in a glass made of solid ice at the Ice Bar.

    The Ice Restaurant built of snow and ice provides a unique setting for an unforgettable dinner; serving up hot Lappish delicacies savored around ice tables. Culinary enjoyment commences with a rich soup served with fresh French bread and is finished off with the delicious Snow Hotel’s soft chocolate delight, which in keeping with the theme, is served on a magnificent ice platter. 


    • Velvety mushroom soup with truffle oil (LF, GF)

    MAIN COURSE OPTIONS (please choose one):

    • Mouth-watering roast elk served with cauliflower purée, roasted root vegetables and cranberry-game sauce (LF, GF)
    • Braised Arctic Ocean salmon served with citrus-dill potato purée, roasted root vegetables and white wine tomato sauce (LF, GF)
    • Glazed chicken breast with curry-apple sauce, fried barley and vegetables (LF)
    • Minced vegetable steak with fried barley and lentil stew (LF, also vegan option available) 


    • Snow Hotel’s soft chocolate delight


    • Guided tour and entrance to the Snow Hotel & Castle
    • Dinner in ice restaurant

    Not included:

    • Warm winter clothing
    • Snacks
    • Alcoholic and any other drinks in the ice bar or in a warm café

    Day 3


    Here we offer you a self-guided husky-safari program on a 5 km track, approximate safari time is 30 min. Safari time varies, as it always includes a stop-over and is dependent on the weather conditions the dogs are running in. During the stop-over the musher and passenger can change places. 

    Upon arrival, you will get complete instructions of driving (mushing) the dog sledge on your own and then immediately start the safari. The track lies in the forest in a beautiful open hilly area. After the ride, your host will welcome you inside a cozy teepee where they can warm up around the open fire and have a hot drink + cookie. The host will tell about life with the dogs and answer any questions you may have.

    Private transfer, guide, safari. At the kennel there might be other guests. 


    • Guiding
    • Gingerbread cookies and traditional Finnish hot berry juice or coffee 

    Not included:

    • Warm winter clothing 


    This snowmobile safari is specialized for families with little children. We will go for the ride on the marked snowmobile forest trails in the wild, where parents can ride their own snowmobile and children are traveling in the sleigh pulled by the guide’s snowmobile. Children over 120 cm whose feet can fully reach the footrests can sit on the snowmobile behind the driver and paying the adult price.

    After the traditional snowmobile safari, it is time for children’s snowmobile driving. The smaller family members get to drive children snowmobiles on a safe dedicated track under supervision. These vehicles are just what young girls and boys dream of – a replica of an adult snowmobile, but lighter. This activity is suitable for children 4-12 years. Children can also play in the snow. Snow games and fun guarantees a playful tour. There is time to relax by a campfire also, have a cup of warm berry juice and grill a sausage.

    The riding time on snowmobiles is approximately 45 min. The average speed during our tours is limited due to the safety and traffic regulations. Two adults ride on one snowmobile, single riding supplement for an extra charge. Children are traveling in the sleigh pulled by the guide’s snowmobile.


    • Guided safari
    • Warm clothing, boots, helmet, gloves/mittens, socks, scarfs
    • Hot drink, grilling sausages at the campfire
    • Kids get to drive special mini snowmobiles! 

    Not included:

    • Insurance covers accidents with a maximum driver excess of 1000 €. You can buy a waiver for 19 € to lower the excess to 299 €. Waiver is available to buy only on the spot. 

    Please note:

    • Standard price is given for one person on a double snowmobile or in a sledge. Solo driving is available at a supplement. Child price is valid for a child under 120 cm seated in a sleigh. 
    • According to Finnish law, to drive a snowmobile one should be at least 15 years old and have a valid driver’s license of category B, T, A1 or A (i.e. car or motorbike). Children do not need a license to drive a mini snowmobile on a private territory. Alcohol tolerance is zero, drivers will have to pass an alcohol test before the safari. 
    • A second passenger can sit behind the driver on the snowmobile if the person’s minimum height is 120 cm and his/her feet can fully reach the footrests. Otherwise, this person should be seated in the sledge.
    • The sledge is always pulled by the guide’s snowmobile. The sledge has an open top and can take up to 8 persons. It’s advised that a small child seated in a sleigh is accompanied by an adult. 
    • Maximum speed limit is 60 km/h and 80 km/h on the lakes. Driving is only allowed on marked trails. 


    Join us in search of the northern lights, the great natural phenomenon of the Arctic circle!
    During the tour we visit the best possible locations for this experience to take place. We’ll drive out from the city and light pollution for about 30 minutes, depending on weather conditions. If we are lucky, you can see the lights already on the way. Take your camera and tripod and try to catch those beautiful colors.
    The appearance of the lights is not guaranteed but they are often visible in the evening when the sky is clear. Even without the lights, the arctic starry sky is beautiful. You will always need some luck to see the lights as it is always unpredictable, great surprises can and do happen!
    At some point you can warm up around a bonfire, have some warm berry juice, ginger cookies and grill a traditional Finnish makkara sausage.


    • Guiding throughout the whole program
    • Warm drink (berry juice / coffee), sausage grilling at the bonfire, gingerbread cookies
    • Photo session

    Not included:

    • Warm winter clothing 

    Day 4


    Ranua Wildlife Park, one of the main highlights of Lapland, offers an opportunity to observe arctic animals throughout the year in an as authentic environment for the animals as possible. Ranua Wildlife Park is open every day of the year, and the changing seasons bring their own additional dimension to the life in the park. The park animals consist of approximately 200 animals across 50 different species all of which can be found in the wild.
    A comfortable guided transfer from Rovaniemi to Ranua will take about an hour. Our guide will be accompanying you during the whole trip and share with you some interesting information about Finland and Lapland along the way. Upon arrival, you will have a guided tour around the park, the local zookeeper will bring some food and feed the animals along the way. You will have approximately 2 hours in the park. When finished, you will have a tasty lunch in the main restaurant. You can also visit a souvenir shop and “Fazer” chocolate factory store which boasts an endless supply of their chocolate products. 


    • Guiding
    • Entrance to zoo
    • Lunch in the main restaurant of the zoo
    • Local guide in the zoo
    • Animal feeding experience

    Day 5

    Departure to Rovaniemi airport

  • Santa Claus Holiday Village, Rovaniemi

    FI, Tahtikuja 2, 96930 Rovaniemi

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    Santa Claus Hotel, Rovaniemi

    FI, Korkalonkatu 29, 96200 Rovaniemi

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