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Tour with dog sleigh is a wonderful experience. Speed along the snowy tracks pulled by 4-8 husky dogs and enjoy the unique Arctic landscape. Listen to the sound of sledges gliding across the snow, admire the strength of the amazing husky dogs.
Northern Lights
Aurora borealis begins high in the Earth’s atmosphere, at altitudes 100-400 km, when charged particles from the Sun become trapped in the Earth's magnetic field. In Northern Lapland the lights shine about every other clear night between September and March.
Santa Claus
Everyone knows Santa – the one and only – comes from Finland. What some people don’t know, however, is that it is possible to meet him in person all year round.
The official hometown of Santa Claus. The Capital of Lapland on Arctic circle. Rovaniemi also is an urban city surrounded by arctic nature, where Lappish culture and a wide range of activities meet.
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Aurora Ice Floating, evening

  • 3 hours
  • Very_easy
  • Evening
  • Rovaniemi
  • Description
  • Meeting points
  • Pick-up
  • Dip yourself into a frozen lake under the Auroras and let your mind rest, sounds bizarre, doesn’t it! Tonight, this is possible!  

    After a 20 min guided transfer from Rovaniemi, you’ll arrive at the peaceful ice floating location tucked away in the Lappish forests. Upon arrival a local guide will greet you and lead you to their secret open water lake location 200m from the main site. 

    Don’t fear the cold as you are totally protected with a high-quality rescue suit. Each traveller is instructed well before stepping into the water. No swimming skills required, as the suit will keep you floating on the surface.  

    This guided adventure is safe with a high-quality rescue suit that covers your whole body and keeps you dry. As you have your own clothing under the suit you will not get cold even in the open 0-degree water. 

    Lying down in ice-cold water between the ice sheets whilst watching the northern lights is something absolutely worth trying – the circumstances are truly surreal! 

    Let your mind and body float whilst you enjoy this unique and very cool experience… 

    Afterwards you can relax and return to the sensation of dry land in a warm private cabin. The host will offer hot berry juice, cookies, tell you all about the Northern Lights and Lapland and answer any questions you may have.

    What's included

    Winter clothing, transfers, floating and floating equipment, hot drinks and guiding.

     Lämpimät varusteet, kuljetukset, kellunnan korkealaatuisilla pelastuspuvuilla, kuuma juoma ja opastus

    Important remarks

    Operated in Rovaniemi.

    Please note, this program is not suitable for small children, minimum height for floating is 120 cm. 

    Each traveler is instructed well before stepping into the water. No swimming skills required, as the suit will keep you on the surface. 

    The Northern Lights are an unpredictable natural phenomenon and our evening safaris are made to give you a chance to observe them, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that they will appear.   

    Transfers from/to accommodations are included outside city center yet within 10 km distance from our office. Winter clothing include thermal overall, winter boots, woollen socks, woollen scarf, beanie and gloves. No thermal clothes are needed under the floating suits.  

    Meeting time for our safaris is always before the starting time of the safari. You will receive your meeting time and point upon confirmation. Safari starts when the group is clothed and ready to go. Missed meeting time and point will result on missed safari which will not be refunded.    


    Järjestetään Rovaniemellä talvikuukausina.

    Huomaathan, että aktiviteetti ei sovellu pienille lapsille. Kellujan tulee olla vähintään 120 cm.

    Saat opastuksen ennen veteen astumista. Uimataitoa ei välttämättä tarvita, sillä kelluntapuku pitää sinut pinnalla.

    Revontulet ovat arvaamaton luonnonilmiö. Pimeän aikaan, kaupungin valojen tavoittamattomissa järjestetyt ohjelmamme tarjoavat mahdollisuuden niiden ihailuun, mutta emme voi taata niiden esiintymistä 

    Huoltajat, huomioittehan aktiviteetin myöhäisen ajankohdan lapsia ajatellen.

    Kuljetukset majoituksesta kuuluvat aktiviteetin hintaan mikäli majoituksesi sijaitsee Rovaniemen keskustan ulkopuolella, mutta kuitenkin 10 km:n säteellä Safartican safaritoimistosta (Koskikatu 9). Lämpimällä varustuksella tarkoitetaan talvihaalaria, saappaita, villasukkia, hanskoja, kaulahuivia ja pipoa.

    Tapaamisaika ja -paikka vahvistetaan varauksen vahvistamisen yhteydessä. Kunnioitattehan muita asiakkaita olemalla ajoissa tapaamispaikalla. Myöhästyminen aiheuttaa aktiviteetin menettämisen, jolloin maksua ei palauteta. 

    Cancellation Policy

    • We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 1 days or less before the event
  • Safartica office

    FI,Rovaniemi,9 Koskikatu

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  • Apukka Resort reception

    FI, 28 Tutkijantie, 96900 Rovaniemi

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    Arctic Treehouse Hotel reception

    FI, 3 Tarvantie, 96910 Rovaniemi

    loading map...

    Hotel Vartiosaari Parking place

    FI, 900 Kuusamontie, 96900 Rovaniemi

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    Lakituvat pick up point

    FI, Hiihtomajantie 1, 96400 Rovaniemi

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    Lapland Hotels Ounasvaara Chalets reception

    FI, Antinmukka 4, 96600 Rovaniemi

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    Lapland Hotels Sky Ounasvaara reception

    FI, Juhannuskalliontie, 96400 Rovaniemi

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    Lomavekarit parking place

    FI, 148 Vitikanpääntie, 96900 Rovaniemi

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    Nova Skyland Hotel reception (also for guests in Snowman World Glass Resort)

    FI, Tähtikuja 6, 96930 Rovaniemi

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    Other - please contact

    FI, Koskikatu 9, 96200 Rovaniemi

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    Santa Claus Holiday Village reception

    FI, Tähtikuja, 96930 Rovaniemi

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    Santa Sport reception

    FI, 2 Hiihtomajantie, 96400 Rovaniemi

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    Santa's Igloos Arctic Circle reception

    FI, Rovaniemi

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